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Aunty Margaret's massage school on Big Island.
Dear Alice,
I am writing you to thank you for turning my massage therapy career around through your course in Lomi Lomi. When I signed on for your course, I was desperate for something that would not physically drain me with my larger clients, professional football players, weightlifters, etc. Being an older, or as they say, maturer woman in her 50's, I thought my career may only have a
 Your class was excellent! I came away with not only a new way of doing massage, but a feeling that I can really help people
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What is Lomi Lomi?

The ancient art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi has been practiced for hundreds of years. The gift of healing was passed down to the "chosen one" who spent their life practicing the healing arts. Kahuna's (healers) were taught to use thumbs, hands, ulna's and elbow's to massage. It wasn't uncommon to have hot rocks placed on injuries or have the Kahuna walk on your back. Kahuna's were even known to use a mild form of hypnosis, instilling feelings of well-being. They believed they could transfer their own vital energy into a person who was sick.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi was kept secret within families for most of its history, until Kahuna Aunty Margaret Machado decided to teach anyone who wanted to learn "the loving touch". Aunty says, "Lomi Lomi is a loving touch. When they feel loving hands on their body, they'll respond, 'she loves me, she'll take good care of me, and I'm going to get well.'

So, what is the difference between Lomi Lomi and any other massage? That is a difficult question to answer. Clients have said, "It's as if you are right inside of my muscles and you know exactly where to go and how deep to go." "The pressure points melt, your hands and elbows feel strong and loving as if they are guided." I don't know how elbows can feel loving, but that is what clients say! Lomi Lomi feels like many different techniques put into one flowing system. It has a rhythm and flow that is soothing and feels complete.

Lomi Lomi is a loving touch, letting them feel you.When they feel loving hands on their body, they'll respond: "She loves me, she'll take good care of me, and I'm going to get well." Love is first message, next message is: It's your talk and approach. Hawaiians didn't have anatomy books...only their intuition.

The only way to truly know Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is to experience it. And when you experience your first Lomi Lomi massage, you will describe the feeling as LOVE. That is what Lomi Lomi is all about...LOVE...ALOHA.


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