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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Frequently asked questions

I've compiled a few questions for those of you who want a more concise definition of Lomi Lomi. I have to say that even therapists who want this explanation, then get a massage from me, still have problems trying to put this massage style into words.

If you're looking for magic, you won't find it here or anywhere. But if your looking for a complete massage that won't wreck your body and you want to have steady, happy clients.....Lomi Lomi is for you.

How is Lomi different than other types of massage?

     Lomi is much easier on you hands. Petrissage is not used and thumb use is virtually eliminated from the routine. Your hands are always relaxed.

If I'm not using my thumbs, how do I get into pressure/trigger points?

     This is the core of Lomi. You will learn how to use your elbows and forearms in a way that you were never taught in school. You will be able to apply pressure so that the client will think you are just using your hands. People who HATE pressure points will LOVE your elbows. Forearm/elbow work is not about digging into with just the tip of the elbow. You will learn techniques that will release muscles WITHOUT trashing your hands and thumbs.

What is this Lomi "dance" I hear about?Am I learning Hula?

     Lomi has been called "a dance", what they mean by that is instead of using your arms to rub the muscles you use your whole body.The movement starts from the feet up to the hips and through the arms. The hands stay completely relaxed. Your body is used for leverage. You will also learn how to use your table for leverage.Pressure from the forearms really comes from your body sinking into the forearm, then into the body. By applying pressure properly the client will not feel like your digging into them.

Will I be learning about Hawaiian Shaminism, meditation, or breathwork?

     I can only teach you what Aunty Margaret taught me. She was a Christian woman who didn't talk about Shaminism. Her spirituality came from her belief in God.She taught me that the meaning of meditation was to be totally focus on your patient and to empty your mind while you work on your patient. Breathwork was to breathe as pressure is applied.I remember her saying.....breathe, breathe,breathe, as her forearm went deeper and deeper into tissue.Also, she said to breathe in unison with your patient....get into their same breathing pattern.

     Aunty Margaret was of little words. Aunty Margaret kept it simple....God and Love. Keeping it simple gets you out of your head and into your body and your patients body.Meditation, breathing, and spirituality will naturally manifest themselves as you practice the art of Lomi Lomi.

     If you are interested in Hawaiian Shaminism, there are many qualified instructors who can lead you in this direction.You can do a Google search under Hawaiian Shaminism.

If you feel guided to learn Lomi Lomi please call
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