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Learn “Love and Healing through the hands and heart” as developed by the internationally renowned Aunty Margaret Machado, the only Hawaiian certified instructor of Lomi Lomi.

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Alice Belusko is an author, motivational speaker, and a certified Lomi Lomi instructor who has been successfully practicing  for over 30 years.  She is now dedicating her time to help individuals succeed in massage therapy with Hawaiian Therapies.

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We can no longer be trained in the old-style, medical-school mentality. That educational model immerses students in technical and anatomical education--and over looks the art of running a business. We provide the formula to help you achieve financial success in massage therapy.



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The educational model currently in massage schools does not equip graduates with the tools for success. Alice Belusko has spent over 30 years, providing methods that align students with the missing components. 

 Insights from Aunty Margaret and apprentice Alice Belusko 

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