About Alice Belusko

Unifying Humanity Through PoloLei Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Therapies is an extension of Alice Belusko, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Body Healer. Her sole mission is to develop more healers for humanity and to equip them with fundamental tools. Learn “Love and Healing though the Hands and Heart” as developed by the internationally renowned Aunty Margaret Machado, the only Hawaiian Certified Instructor.

 Alice Belusko is a native of Delaware who migrated to Hawaii in 1988.  
Her traditional education includes a Bachelors of Science in Management and a minor in Marketing.  

 Upon arriving on the Big Island, Alice studied Lomi Lomi with Aunty Margaret Machado from 1988 until 1990.  She was under her direct supervision through her apprenticeship program for a period of two years. Aunty was the sole instructor and her practice sessions were one-on-one. Alice felt honored to work with the master and learn techniques not taught in a typical classroom situation. Alice has been studying and practicing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi for the past 30 years.    


Due to the overwhelming interest in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Alice asked Aunty Margaret for her permission to teach this Ancient Art. She gave Alice her blessing in July of 1999.  Alice has practiced Lomi Lomi in a variety of venues, such as the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel a five star resort on the Big Island, Paul Brown Salon & Spa in Honolulu and various chiropractic offices.  She has established an excellent reputation, helped numerous  individuals become healers and built an extensive private practice.  


Who is Aunty Margaret?


Aunty Margaret K. Machado conducted her school of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi at Ke’ei Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. (In the islands, Aunty and Uncle are terms of affection and respect.)  She practiced the healing art of Lomi Lomi massage for over 50 years and taught her technique for over  2 decades. Anuty Margaret inherited her gift of healing hands. She is descended from many generations of Kahuna – healer priests – who lived near her home on Kealakekeua Bay. Aunty Maragaret’s definition of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is: “The Loving Touch – a connection between heart, hand and soul with the source of all life.

Letters From Aunty

My children, 

Let your love flow from within , flooding your very being. Allow your love to erupt from within as a volcano, reaching out to the furthermost parts of this world.



There is a quiet power within you longing to get out. This power is love. It is your very essence. No longer will fear have its hold on you.  As nothing can stand in the way of the lava flow, so nothing can stand in the way of the lava flow, so nothing can stand I the way of your love.



Aunty’s name means: the lehua blossom in the mist hanging down on the mountainside. This is a poetical evocation of her nature.


Unify Humanity through Lomi Lomi


To provide the world

 enlightened healers.


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