Hawaiian Sea-Water

3 Day Colon Cleanse

Max 4 People

Diluted Seawater

Organic Juice and Cleansing Herbs

1 Half Hour Massage Per Person

Salt and coconut scrub

Avocado treatment

Vision Board

Holistic Work on Specific Needs

Gallon of Probiotic Juice

1 - $650

$50 discounted for each person added

Travel and Lodging Expenses not included

10 Day Colon Cleanse

Max 3 People

First 3 Days

Diluted Seawater


Organic Juices

Natural Herbs

Physelium Formula

Day 4, 5, 6, and 7

Lessen Juice Intake

Vegan Meals

Day 8, 9 and 10

Juices only

Herbs to clean the liver

Gallon of probiotic at end of 10 days


Holistic Work for specific needs

Half hour massage

1 - $3250

$750 discounted for each person added

Travel and Lodging Expenses not included


Frequently Asked Questions

I learned from a Hawaiian Massage Master named Aunty Margaret Machado.  She spent 50 years teaching Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and also ran Sea-water colon cleanses from her Beach House on the Big Island of Hawaii.

During my 2 year apprentiship I facilitated her Colon cleanse protocol on 5 different occasions.  I was a part of her “Ace Team”.  We walked clients through the entire process of elimination of their colon.  Her cleanses were so popular she only used word of mouth to keep them full. 

Even at the age of 78, she ran at least 4 cleanses per year.  She always had help from her students who came from around the world to work with “The Queen of Lomi Lomi”.

I follow her protocol explicitly and only substitute another “clean” form of Sea-Water.  Aunty Margaret used sea-water from Otec (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority) in which they brought sea-water from 800 feet deep. And before Otec the ocean was clean enough to obtain straight off the beach at Keei beach, where Aunty’s beach house was located.

In a perfect world you would want to spend 10 days cleaning out your colon.  But this is a solution for people who have busy schedules and only have time to take off work.

 Yes, the body is trying to heal itself.  You need complete rest.

I use a company that concentrates their sea-water.  It is approved for use as an organic food additive and processing additive.

Yes, I come to your home.  If you do not feel comfortable with this arrangement, you can book a resort.  You will be responsible for all charges related to the resort booking. The perfect location would be a place with a pool or the ocean.

I treat each individual with flexibility in mind.  You might not be interested in yoga, but would rather spend time in meditation.  I work to provide you with a customized plan.  That is why I require a consultation before we begin the signup process. And as the days progress, we can make changes as your body responds to the protocol.

You will be sent home with 1 gallon of a probiotic and directions to help you ease back into a regular food program.