Boost your skills. Improve your client relationships. Supercharge your career with a 10- day Lomi-Lomi workshop. Alice will take you through fundamentals and advanced techniques. The ability to feel tissue with the forearms/elbows has saved countless therapists’ careers and has kept Pololei Lomi Lomi alive and well. Join Alice in her fun, fast paced, Hawaiian style workshop that will bring new success to your massage career. 


Reenergize and align yourself again with cleanses and spiritual activities. Each retreat is directed to your specific needs. Not sure what you need? Answer questions below. 

Private Sessions

Personal private coaching with Alice. If you are in need of body therapy or one-on-one training, you are able to sign up for hourly sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

 No, in fact some of my best students were non-massage therapists. Although many did go on to become licensed. 

No, I choose to teach my workshops based on the desire to learn rather then to gather credits.

Yes, I will be offering a teacher training program in the near future. Lomi Lomi needs to be spread all over the world.

Not yet, but we can set up way to reduce your tuition by setting up classes in your town.

  Yes, but I will only sell to students who have taken my workshop. Lomi Lomi can not be learned via a video.

I started with a month long course. Monday through Friday at Aunty’s Beach house. (1988). Upon graduation I signed up for her apprenticeship program which was 215 hours. (1990)Toggle Content

Aunty Margaret gave me permission to teach. After I was practicing for 10 years, I called Aunty. She gave me permission to teach her style of Pololei Lomi Lomi, Ho’oponopono,  Pule, and her 10 day Hawaiian Sea-water colon cleanse.

 I work in each and every student. Lomi lomi needs to be felt to learn. There is no way you can see exactly where my elbow/forearm is placed on the tissue. You also can not see the subtle movements by watching.