Find Yourself

Working on a body requires your attention and presence. Start to fix your mindset and hone in on these valuable insights from Alice Belusko.
Have you ever found yourself away from the moment when working with a person?

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Releasing Q.L. Muscles

Alice provide’s a powerful technique to help massage QL’s pain-free.⁣ Any other areas you’re having difficulty learning? Let us know! ⁣ We would love to help out a future student of ours. ⁣

Learn Body Mechanics

Alice explains how one can create blood-flow with different massage techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, in fact some of my best students were non-massage therapists. Although many did go on to become licensed. 

Yes, I will be offering a teacher training program in the near future.  Lomi Lomi needs to be spread all over the world.

 Yes, but I will only sell to students who have taken my workshop. Lomi Lomi can not be learned via a video.

I work in each and every student. Lomi lomi needs to be felt to learn. There is no way you can see exactly where my elbow/forearm is placed on the tissue. You also can not see the subtle movements by watching.