Lomi Lomi 10 Day Workshop

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a native healing art that has been practiced by Hawaiians for hundreds of years. Traditionally, the work was very secretive and taught only to the chosen healer (Kahuna) in the family. Aunty Margaret Machado was chosen as such a healer and she decided to break Hawaiian tradition by teaching her style of Lomi Lomi to anyone who expressed a sincere interesting healing others. Her style is called Pololei, and Aunty gained an international reputation teaching her work until 1999 and is now considered the “Queen of Lomi Lomi”. During her reign (Aunty retired in 1999), Aunty granted permission to teach to certain apprentices who promised to teach her style of Lomi Lomi exactly how it was taught to them.

The Pololei style of Lomi Lomi is deceptively simple. It enables you to massage the body without ever using your thumbs. Pressure radiatesfrom 8 different forearm and elbow positions. The tip of the elbow is hardly ever used. Your forearm is used as a fulcrum and your body placement determines your leverage. Slight angle changes create the exact pressure you need. Your hands are completely relaxed and your worries about carpal tunnel and thumb injury are erased. 

This class is designed to take your Lomi Lomi education to the next level. Students build on the basic routine and are taught advanced forearm/elbow placements for the entire body. This includes detailed side work for the neck, hips and chest. The student must possess a mastery of basic Lomi Lomi routine in order to progress to this next level. Detailed forearm angles and body mechanics arestressed and practiced throughout the workshop. The result is a smooth, flowing routine that provides the therapist with tools to last throughout their career. Class tuition includes a full color, digitally photographed,workbook and laminated quick reference sheet

Day 1

Meet and Greet

History of Lomi Lomi

Learn Bloodflow

Day 2

Learning back routine

Including “wiggly wiggly”

Day 3



Day 4 

Legs and Hips

Review Previous Days

Day 5

Front of body

Day 6

Review beginners routine 

Day 7 

Start Advanced 

Advance Elbow/Forearm Technique

Day 8 

Adding Advanced Elbow/Forearm technique to glutes, hamstrings and feet.

Day 9

Advanced Elbow/Foreearm work to the abdominals, chest, and leg advanced side lying work.

Day 10

Complete review of entire system


Students are supplied with 2 color workbooks for beginners and advanced

Laminated quick reference sheet

2 professional produced DVDs



Frequently Asked Questions

No, in fact some of my best students were non-massage therapists. Although many did go on to become licensed. 

No, I choose to teach my workshops based on the desire to learn rather then to gather credits.

Yes, I will be offering a teacher training program in the near future.  Lomi Lomi needs to be spread all over the world.

Not yet, but we can set up way to reduce your tuition by setting up classes in your town.

Yes, but I will only sell to students who have taken my workshop. Lomi Lomi can not be learned via a video.

 I work in each and every student. Lomi lomi needs to be felt to learn. There is no way you can see exactly where my elbow/forearm is placed on the tissue. You also can not see the subtle movements by watching.

 I started with a month long course. Monday through Friday at Aunty’s Beach house. (1988). Upon graduation I signed up for her apprenticeship program which was 215 hours. (1990)

Aunty Margaret gave me permission to teach.  After I was practicing for 10 years, I called Aunty.  She gave me permission to teach her style of Pololei Lomi Lomi, Ho’oponopono,  Pule, and her 10 day Hawaiian Sea-water colon cleanse.